As the core value of project_, we recognize the passion, enthusiasm when comes to climbing. Expanding the love we share for climbing, as we are stubborn in ways when comes to it.

Project_ provides a space for climbers to work towards their respective goals in the field of climbing, bouldering to be specific. We offer many methods and introduce new perspectives for a wide range of climbing skill.

Indoor bouldering has been existing for a long time already, but it's popularity has increased dramatically over the past decade. To some, it may seems strange or peculiar, few might question whether if it's safe.

Obviously there are risks to it, like any sports or activities. But here at project_, we make sure you take those risks under acceptance circumstances such as safety. With the appropriate knowledge and preparation, anyone can take certain risks. After all, all you need are your limbs and your focus to take the leap of faith, then you'll see what's on the other side.

Come to Project_hk. Understand the movement of your body, build your strength, recall your climbing ability.

Come stare at walls with us.



Opening hours:

MON-SAT : 12:00-23:00
SUN : 12:00-21:00

*Our hours may be subjected to change

Our Address:

Room 11, 2/F
Metro Centre (I), 32 LAM HING ST.
Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Project Underscore H.K. LTD.

**Attention fellow drivers

The parking rate at Metro Centro 1 is quite high.
We suggest you park at Kingston International Centre or any nearby parking lots at a much lower rate.

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