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What Project_ is all about:

The term project is often used in our daily lives, “Working on any project lately?”, “What’s your next big project?” not just in terms of climbing. But also in terms of career, academics, life-goals and more.

The underscore behind Project stands for your current project which varies from person to person, hence we decide to leave it blank, which is open for interpretation.

Project Underscore represents more than just climbing. But emphasize the value of striving towards certain goals in life.

What’s your current project? Feel free to share and comment below to let us know


Opening hours:
MON-SAT : 12:00-23:00
SUN : 12:00-21:00
*Our hours may be subjected to change
Our Address:
Room 11, 2/F
Metro Centre (I), 32 LAM HING ST.
Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Project Underscore H.K. LTD.

**Attention fellow drivers

The parking rate at Metro Centro 1 is quite high.
We suggest you park at Kingston International Centre or any nearby parking lots at a much lower rate.

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